Financial Planning Process

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We use the six step financial planning process as prescribed by the Financial Planning Institute (FPI) in South Africa and the Financial Planning Standards Board - a well recognised, international financial planning board.

Define the professional relationship.

We establish and define the professional relationship between ourselves and our clients so that each party knows what to expect.

Gather all the necessary information.

We then gather all the necessary information that we need on our client including: current financial position and personal financial goals.

Analyse our client's financial position.

After which we then use the information above to analyse our client’s financial position.

We present our solution.

We prepare and present our solution and recommendations. This ensures you approve and are in agreement with the way forward.


We then implement the plan once approved in step 4. This means we are now in action and your process has started.

Review and monitor.

Finally, we review and monitor our client’s financial position and investment strategy at least annually.