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Offshore Portfolios

South African investors need to have some of their capital invested in foreign markets. Savers in countries with low productivity rates, wide economic inequality, political instability and high current account deficits must have substantial proportions of their portfolio invested in foreign markets. Deciding to invest abroad is the easy part. The real adventure starts when you realise how vast the global investing universe is. There are tens of thousands of shares, thousands of mutual funds and more than fifty currencies and associated stock exchanges that facilitate investing.

Galileo Asset Managers offer curated and globally diversified offshore portfolios for Aggressive, Growth, Balanced and Cautious investors. Asset Allocations in these portfolios vary from 100% global equity to less than 50% global equity. In all cases, the portfolios are opened in individual client names. Our clients are also able to directly access their accounts to monitior their investments. Galileo Asset Managers utilises a combination of expected returns, risk characteristics and cost efficiency to design portfolios that maximise the potential for returns at a reasonable price. This ensures that our clients’ future returns are not compromised by high portfolio costs.

Galileo Asset Managers

  • No performance fees.

  • No short selling.

  • No over-trading.

  • No use of expensive funds.