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We offer the following services:

  1. Hourly consultation with meeting notes provided after
  2. Compile and implement an Investment Plan for you that you will manage going forward
  3. Email consultation
  4. Manage your investments on an ongoing basis – includes a written plan

Hourly Consultation

We charge R1,725 (including VAT) for hourly consultations with our qualified Financial Planners to discuss a specific personal finance issue that you might have. Alternatively, if you would like to meet with Warren Ingram, this will be charged at R2,415 (including VAT).

Detailed written Investment Plan that is designed for you to manage on your own that we will implement on your behalf (once-off fee)

We charge a flat fee of R 48,300 (including VAT) for an Investment Plan that we will implement on your behalf. The Investment Plan will provide an overall investment strategy designed for your needs as well as detailed recommendations for how your investments should be managed going forward. We will recommend investment companies that will deal directly with you without charging an ongoing advice fee.

Email Consultation

We charge R1,150 (including VAT) for an email consultation with one of our qualified Financial Planners to discuss specific financial questions that you may have. This option is suitable if you are not able to take time out from work during business hours, or if you have already met with one of our Financial Planners, and just have additional questions.

Detailed written Investment Plan that we will implement and manage on an ongoing basis (ongoing adviser fee).

Our Investment Planning Process is very intensive and incorporates gathering information, analysing it, making recommendations and then implementation. We charge no initial fees for this service. Our annual fees are charged according to a sliding scale with an annual limit as per the table below. You can pay us directly or via an annual fee from your investment, the choice is yours.

The cap mentioned in the table above will be increased by the upper target for inflation on an annual basis. This fee cap is for advice only and does not include any discretionary portfolio management services offered by the Galileo Group.

Below is an example of our fees on different portfolio values: